Health and Fitness - Personal Training.
Only dedicated personal trainers train clients at Infinity Training Studios!

We are not your average gym. In fact we are not a gym. We are a Personal Training Studio that offers a large well equipped facility for you to reach your fitness goals. Our Certified Personal Trainer are here to educate and motivate so you stay on track. As a semi-private studio we ensure the focus is on you and our studios ensure that there are less distractions and intimidation which are key in achieving your goals in the shortest possible time. Allow yourself to receive the most effective form of training with one-on-one, semi-private or small group personal training. Our main goal is to focus 100% on you!


Have you ever been in the middle of a session when another gym member interrupts your personal trainer for a “tip”?
A Personal Trainer is there to keep the focus and the intensity throughout your workout not to help other members. This is your time and waiting or competing for equipment is unacceptable. A semi-private studio takes away this distraction.

Certified personal trainers have a wealth of knowledge and it’s their job stay up to date with the right fitness and health information so you don’t have to.  

How many “new” miracle weight loss programs or body building formulas come out each year? Trust your trainer to know what is nonsense and lead you down the right path. 




Infinity Training has a space dedicated for group classes. From boot camps to yoga our facility is designed to accommodate, and our trainers are there to motivate.

Our group fitness trainers will show you how to work your muscles properly. Trying new exercises keeps your body and mind in motion.

An exercise class structured with a purpose can be beneficial for people with limited knowledge about safe and effective exercise programming.



We also offer the use of our studios  to Certified Personal Trainers. If you feel you have the background and qualifications to be a part of our team we want to talk to you. Our studios were created for independent Certified Personal Trainers by Certified Personal Trainers. There is no monthly charge for the use of our studios. You only pay for the time you train your clients.

If you are a client of an exceptional Certified Personal Trainer do your trainer a favor and tell them about us.